Youth Basketball Rates

KO Development basketball is a fun and rigorous training program for all ages and skill levels. After a player is evaluated, a fundamental regiment is formatted quickly for the individual players specific weakness on the court to eliminate low self confidence during play. Defense, agility, fundamental skill development, playing mentality, and passion are all instilled into each athlete through challenging drill sequences, game situations, and position specific instructions. The end goal is to produce complete well rounded players who are prepared mentally and physically to compete at their maximum potential on the basketball court.

Fitness prices are as follows:

$60 per hour – private training
$40 per hour – semi private
$125 for four classes / (one hour group training 1x a week for a month)

Spring Pricing for Fuego:

$125 for training – non-team
$750 Team fees- Spring only
(can we also do a Spring only 2 payment $750)
$1500 Team fees- Spring/Summer