Sarah Morton, Lead Trainer
Morton Athletic Performance
“Put Yourself on the MAP

Basketball Skills and Performance Specialist

Sarah Morton is a former Pac-12 basketball player with the experience and knowledge to elevate an athlete’s game to the highest level. These skills, incorporated with her strength and conditioning performance program, accelerates client development into well rounded athletes.

Sarah Morton - Fitness Training


Private Training: Basketball or otherwise, this 1 on 1 sport specific training will turn you into a superior athlete by personalizing and tailoring workouts and drills, ultimately addressing individual needs for success.

Semi-Private Training: Training that allows a small number of people to work together while still achieving personal fitness and/or performance goals.

Speed, Agility, and Quickness: Specifically targeted to make an athlete faster, more agile, and quicker on the court or field. Drills focused on the recruitment of fast twitch muscle fibers are used to generate power and increase explosiveness.

HIIT Group Training Classes: High Intensity Interval Training requires a short burst of energy at a high intensity, followed by a recovery phase. It is shown to be the most efficient way to burn calories in a short period of time while also allowing you to maintain muscle mass and improve cardiovascular health. Grab your friends and sign up for a class that is convenient for you!

Strength and Injury Prevention: One major concern for athletes is the chance of being injured. What better way to avoid this than by being proactive in doing necessary exercise to strengthen crucial muscles. This training allows for a small number of athletes to not only develop their muscles but to do so with the correct form, resulting in proper mechanics and functionality.

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